Eureka! is a children’s museum where you can have fun as you learn.

Here’s lots of sensory information to help you prepare for your visit.

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What will you experience at Eureka!?

At Eureka! there are lots of things to touch, see, smell and hear. We’ve created a sensory code to help you find out the sounds, smells, sights and things to touch in each different area of the museum.

As you explore this website, you’ll see the sensory code symbols against each different area so you’ll know what to expect when you visit.

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Sights: low

Low: Means there will be fewer visual effects in this area.

Things to help you at Eureka!

The people who work at Eureka! are called Enablers. They are specially trained to help you have fun and keep you safe.

You’ll find them in a blue T-shirt featuring the Eureka! logo and wearing an orange, rocket-shaped name badge.

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Finding your way around the museum

As you look around this website, you’ll be able to look at a map of Eureka! so you can see where the different areas are and help prepare for your visit.

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Areas of the museum

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Proud to be accessible for ALL visitors

There’s loads more access information to help you plan and prepare for your visit on the Eureka! website.

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